Organic Sauerkraut

A while back, my husband asked me to make sauerkraut. I was not thrilled with the idea of homemade sauerkraut. The only sauerkraut I’ve had came from a can and tasted like most things that come from a can, salty and bland. We purchased a fermenting crock from Amazon and cabbage from the grocery store. After 4 weeks I opened the crock and pulled out the most delicious sauerkraut I have ever eaten. I did not know how delicious sauerkraut could be. That was almost two years ago and since then we have made countless batches of sauerkraut in our crock. 

We decided over the summer to make our sauerkraut in large batches so we could offer the delicious condiment to our customers. We not have large fermenting vessels capable of fermenting hundreds of pounds of vegetables at a time. 

The sauerkraut we have available to purchase is made from locally-sourced organic cabbage. There are several organic farms close to us and one amazing organic farm, Blue Skye Farms is just a few minutes down the road. We were able to purchase a large load of cabbage for our sauerkraut! We spent an entire day hand-cutting each batch of sauerkraut and packing it into large fermenting vessels. After four weeks we had over 300 pounds of delicious sauerkraut! 

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  1. Just saw your truck coming into Mankato. Had to look you up! We live on the corner of highway 66 and County road 90, backside of Mount Kato. We have a fainting goat, a Nigerian dwarf goat, chickens, dogs, cats, a chinchilla, and two old folks that live with us. Love to come visit your farm and purchase some sauerkraut!

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